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Placement Training and Activties

Pre Placement Training Program

Training and placement go hand in hand with regard to on-campus recruitments. To help prepare the students, Training & Placement Department provides a pre-placement training program at MITK. MITK placement cell grooms students’ personality, enrich their knowledge, and make them ready for the corporate world via our optimized placement training courses. On-campus placements happen in rounds, many of which are elimination rounds, and only the ones who perform well throughout the phases get to sit for the final interview.

Pre Placement Training Process

Training and Placement Registration for 1st year students

Introduction to Recruitment Process

English Language Development Program

Aptitude Training

Technical Training

Company Specific Training

Listening Skills, Hearing vs. Listening, Importance of Active Listening, Focused Listening, Interpreting Verbal and Non-verbal Messages, Barriers to Effective Listening, Speaking Skills, Casual conversation, Formal Conversation, Social Interaction, Public Speaking Skills,

– Number Properties
– Fractions and Decimals
– HCF and LCM of Numbers
– Ratio and Proportion
– Mixtures and Solutions
– Simple Interest and Compound Interest
– Time and Work
– Parts of Speech
– Degrees of Comparison
– Synonyms
– Antonyms
– Articles
– Tenses
– Conditionals
– Sentences (Kinds)
– Sentence Pattern
– Sentence Structure
– Voices and Speech
– Reading Comprehension

– Talks on Local Topics
– Reading Skills
– Literal Comprehension
– Evaluative Comprehension
– Inferential Comprehension
– Writing Skills
– Note Making
– Report Writing
– Descriptive Writing
– Email Writing

– Online Literacy
– Trend in Technologies

– Analytical Reasoning
– Linear Arrangement
– Circular Arrangement
– Identification of Cross-Variable Relation
– Number Series and Alphabet Series
– Coding and Decoding
– Syllogisms
– Brain Teasers
– Blood Relations
– Direction Sense
– Venn Diagrams
– Cubes
– Non-Verbal Reasoning
– Data Interpretation
– Data Interpretation
– Data Sufficiency
– Cryptarithmetic
– Selection Decision Table
– Attention to Details
– Input Output Tracing
– Inequalities

– Time, Speed and Distance
– Percentage
– Profit, Loss and Discount
– Age Problems
– Permutations and Combinations
– Probability
– Geometry and Mensuration
– Clocks
– Defined Operations
– Logarithm
– Synonyms
– Antonyms
– Spell Check
– Homophones
– Analogies
– Word Pair
– Idioms
– Parts of Speech
– Subject Verb Agreement
– Error spotting
– Sentence Correction
– Sentence Completion
– Reading Comprehension
– Critical reasoning
– Theme Deduction
– Essay Writing

– C Programming
– C++ Programming
– Data Structures
– Java Programming
– Operating System
– Python
– Hardware
– Networking
– Embedded Software
– Product Development

– Training on Corporate question papers Corporate Etiquette.
– Interview Skills and Mock Interview.
– Monthly tests on company questions.
– Weekly Group discussions & Mock Interviews.


Mrs. Amruthmala

Dean-Training & Placement and Industry Relation

Mrs. Akshatha Naik

Assistant Placement Officer


Ms. Kavya Poojary

Placement Coordinator (MBA)

Mr. Manoj Kumar K

Placement Coordinator (ECE)

Ms. Nidhishree

Placement Coordinator (Civil)

R. Ramakrishna Hegde

Placement Coordinator (BSH)

Dr. Basavaraj Kambale

Placement Coordinator (MECH)

Elevate Your Profile: Maximizing LinkedIn Premium

“At Moodlakatte Institute of Technology, Kundapura, students from both the BE and MBA programs were thrilled to attend an insightful session led by FACE PREP’s Mr. Sandish and Mr. Jayasuriya. Grateful for their guidance, students not only gained valuable insights into LinkedIn Premium but were also pleasantly surprised to receive complimentary access. With features like InMail credits and LinkedIn Learning, students are now equipped for unparalleled professional development.”

MoU with Wafersys Technologies

A game-changing partnership with hashtagWafersysTechnologies, a dynamic VLSI design startup.This collaboration paves the way for a synergy of innovation and learning, opening doors to exceptional opportunities for our students in the realm of VLSI design.

CHIP DESIGN- A Session with Mr. Vinod John, VP ,Mirafra Technologies  

A session on Chip Design, featuring Mr. Vinod John, Vice President of Hardware Engineering, Mirafra Technologies. This exclusive event provided a unique opportunity to explore the cutting-edge advancements and insights shaping the world of chip design.Witness the unveiling of the latest innovations in chip design. Mr. Vinod John, with his extensive industry experience, provided an in-depth exploration of groundbreaking technologies driving the industry forward.

Idea to Impact – Entrepreneurial Blueprint

Prajwal Kumar-Product Manager-Blackfrog Technologies, a seasoned mentor, innovator, and captivating orator, engaged with the engineering students in a memorable way.What set this session apart was the incorporation of movie clips from October Sky, a film that beautifully portrays the journey of a group of young individuals reaching for the stars through their passion for rocketry. The film showcases the creativity involved in designing and building rockets with limited resources.The movie can ignite an interest in STEM subjects among students, demonstrating the practical and exciting aspects of science in action. hashtagfor young students as it can ignite an interest in STEM subjects among students, demonstrating the practical and exciting aspects of science in action.

C-DAC Projects

A session conducted by the renowned Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) Bangalore, unvieling the organization’s cutting-edge projects and upskilling opportunities.C-DAC’s technical session showcased its premier role in IT and Electronics R&D, while insights into upskilling opportunities resonated with the students.

“CareerShield” -Cyber Security and Placement Prep

Illuminating session led by Rajesh B Kunder, the Director of Network Quality Optimization at Yahoo! Mr. Kunder delved into the intricacies of cybersecurity and offered strategic insights into placement preparation. The session, titled “Career Shield,” was a beacon for students aspiring to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity with finesse.

Pool Drive -BlackFrog Technologies 

A pool campus drive was proudly organized by #MoodlakatteInstituteofTechnology witnessing enthusiastic participation from students of #MITK #SMVITM and #AITM. This provided an excellent opportunity for the local talent to engage with a renowned tech #Blackfrogtehnologies to demonstrate their capabilities. The event’s inclusive approach not only benefited students from participating colleges but also created a platform for Moodlkatte Institute of Technology students to showcase their skills and explore potential career prospects. 

Navigating the Cloud: Mr. Ritesh Mittal’s Expertise Enlightens MITK’s Fresh Engineering Minds”

In a dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape, first-year engineering students at the Moodlakatte Institute of Technology, Kundapura (MITK), were in for a transformative learning experience during a session on Cloud Computing led by the distinguished industry veteran, Mr. Ritesh Mittal, an IBM Noida expert boasting over 16 years of experience as a certified TOGAF®9 seasoned Solution and Technical Architect.The session reinforced the idea that, in today’s digital age, the integration of technology and social media can bridge gaps and unite knowledge seekers worldwide, enriching the educational journey and setting the stage for future innovation.


The recruitment drive’s sunset ushered in a new era of endless possibilities for students and Vraio Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. This was not just a hiring event; it signified the inception of a symbiotic relationship, fuelled by shared growth, aspirations, and dreams.

Unlocking the Future: A Glimpse into Industry Expertise

MIT Kundapura’s First Year Induction Programme 2023-24 featured a transformative ‘Campus to Corporate’ session led by Yogish Shetty, Project Manager at Novigo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. His inspiring words encouraged students to adopt a ‘never give up’ attitude, emphasizing the importance of corporate connections for industry readiness. The event, coordinated by Prof. Chaitra and convened by the BSH Department, was a platform for students to learn and grow. A special thanks to Ms. Sunaina for welcoming all and to Prof. Amruthmala for her vote of thanks. Here’s to seizing opportunities and fostering self-growth!


Our students visited Mu Sigma office to learn more about the organization and get a first-hand experience of the work environment. During the visit, they had an unique opportunity to meet MU-SIGMA leadership team, interact with so to be colleagues, and gain valuable insights into the world of data analytics. The students also had a tour to the world of innovation and possibilities at Mu Sigma Labs. 


The Skill-A-Thon 2022 will offer more profound insight into various career opportunities in RPA and how UiPath is shaping the future of work. It will also share insight into how organisations adopt RPA and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning, virtual agents, natural language processing, and computer vision. Skill-A-Thon 2022 is an effort to help educators and students build Citizen developers and deploy basic robots to see the power of a digital assistant. Two Hundred and Fifty first year students participated in the skillothon, organised by Placement Cell and became the first to complete bot building acitivity in Karnataka.- ( )

Google Certification Training and Assesment-By Ethnus in association with NASSCOM

Google offers various certifications in areas such as Google Cloud, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more. These certifications can help individuals showcase their expertise and proficiency in using various Google tools and platforms, which is highly valued by employers in the tech industry.

Campus to Corporate -By Mrs.Laxmi Shetty,Associate Manager-Talent Acquisition-Robosoft Technologies

A session conducted by Mrs. Lakshmi Shetty, at MIT Kundapura, on skills required by engineering students provided valuable insights and guidance for students, as they prepare for their careers in the tech industry. Mrs. Shetty  discussed the specific technical skills and knowledge that are in demand in the industry, such as programming languages, data analytics, and machine learning. She also provided advice on how students can develop and showcase these skills through internships, personal projects, and other experiences.   In addition to technical skills, Mrs. Shetty  also discuss the importance of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability. She  offerd tips on how students can develop and demonstrate these skills, as well as how to highlight them on resumes during job interviews.    

Personality Development Workshop -By Mr. Vinod Madhavan-Ex Dean and Associate Professor-TAPMI,Manipal

A Personality Development workshop was conducted by Mr.Vinod Madhavan, Ex Dean and Associate Professor at Tapmi, for engineering students.The session  provided valuable guidance and support to help students develop their interpersonal skills and enhance their personal and professional growth. During the workshop, Mr. Madhavan  covered topics such as self-awareness, effective communication, leadership skills, time management, and goal-setting. He  offered practical advice and techniques for students to develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Through the workshop, students could also learn how to present themselves effectively in job interviews and professional settings, how to network and build relationships with colleagues and mentors, and how to develop a positive and growth-oriented mindset.    

A session on “Placement Tips and Tricks” by Dr. Pradeepa-Dean Training and Placements ,BMS Engineering College Bangalore

A talk on placement tips and tricks by Dr. Pradeepa, Dean Training and Placements from BMS Engineering College,Bangalore was organised for first year students at MIT Kundapura.The session provided valuable insights and advice for first year students .Dr. Pradeepa’s expertise in the field of training and placements  provided students with valuable insights into the recruitment process and what employers are looking for in job candidates. She also offered tips on how to create an effective resume, how to prepare for interviews, and how to showcase one’s skills and strengths during the hiring process.Additionally, Dr. Pradeepa  shared her insights on current job market trends, what industries and sectors are hiring, and what skills are in high demand among employers. This information  will help students to make informed decisions about their career paths and to tailor their job search strategies accordingly.    

MoU between Bharathi Software and MITK 

An MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between MITKundapura and Bharathi Software for students to do hands-on projects took place on 15/03/2023 ,this will be a great opportunity for students to gain practical experience and the know how to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting. Depending on the specific terms of the MoU, it  involved students from both organizations working together on joint projects,  it  involved ECE students from MITK working on projects with guidance and support from Bharathi Software.The MoU  also outlines the specific goals and objectives of the project, the resources and support that will be provided to the students, and the criteria for evaluating the success of the project.   Overall, an MoU between MITK and Bharathi Software for students to do hands-on projects is going to be a valuable opportunity for students to develop their skills and gain practical experience that could help them in their future careers.

Honeywell Center of Excellence at MITK

‘Honeywell’ launches Honeywell Center of Excellence for youth empowerment. Honeywell Centre of Excellence will help students to learn the ‘UIPath Certified RPA Associate’. Through this Centre of Excellence 100 underprivileged students in the institution learn the technology and get the global certification programme at zero cost. They are also supported with the placement assistance at the end of the programme.

A session on careers in Indian Railways

Indian Railway is the fourth largest in the world, and with 1.4 million employees working in different capacities, it is one of the world’s largest employers as well. Job opportunities are varied in its different departments and job aspirants in the country consider it a privilege to have a career with Indian Railway.Mr .Shridhara Avabratha from Konkan Railway delivered a session to the students on Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)

Recruitment Drive for 2023 Batch of students

Empower students to learn all about the professional world ,career guidance is a counselling programme designed to help the students choose the right career path based on their educational and professional choices. It is a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the knowledge, skills, information, and experience to identify career options available.

Message from the Director of Technology Incubator Centre at MIT Kundapura

It is giving me immense pleasure to write about the Technology Business Incubator (TBI) at MITK. With the introduction of Startup India, Standup India and various government schemes, the entrepreneurial environment in the country has become more conducive and favourable to budding entrepreneurs. And to uplift this spirit, the TBI here at MIT Kundapura plays a great role.

TBI is a vibrant place for entrepreneurs, innovators and next-generation thinkers, who are ready to take up challenging problems in society and transform their Ideas around it into viable solutions in terms of products and services, thereby creating jobs and livelihood for people along with following their passion for entrepreneurship.

As a Technology Business Incubator, we have some of the best facilities in the Karavali region to host startups from various Industrial domains such as Tech, Fintech, Agritech, IT, Mechatronics, etc. and mentor and nurture them. we have high-end computing facilities, modern workspace, Library & information centre, 3D printers and other necessary equipment and facilities, training and conference facilities, etc. to name a few. TBI conducts various entrepreneurial sessions, seminars and conferences for startups. It also connects the right industrial mentors which best suited for the budding startups and call for various funding meetups & rounds and pitch deck presentations for getting financial support from government and private investors.

TBI is open to anyone who envisaged transforming the world, by bringing about significant changes in the world through entrepreneurship. I heartily welcome all those who aspire to become next-generation entrepreneurs and want to shape their ideas into products in the country, to pay a visit to our incubation centre and join and become part of the TBI family.

Mr. Bhuneshwar P

Director, Technology Business Incubator

Assistant Professor of Physics, BSH