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Course Details

BE in E&C Engineering


This is a very specialized branch which imparts knowledge and training in Digital Signal Processing, Integrated Circuit in a large scale, advanced cam topics, data processing and operating process and system. The students can choose an appropriate combination of subjects depending on their interest. Core studies in this branch include Electronic fundamentals, electric and electronic circuit design, digital fundamentals, Microprocessors, Microwaves and Radar, and Communication and networking, cryptography and information coding.

Imparting quality technical education through interdisciplinary research, innovation and teamwork for developing inclusive and sustainable technology in the area of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Po’s (Programme Outcomes)
  • PO1: Engineering knowledge Engineering knowledge
  • PO2: Problem analysis
  • PO3: Design/development of solutions
  • PO4: Conduct investigations of complex problems
  • PO5: Modern tool usage
  • PO6:The engineer and society
  • PO7:Environment and sustainability
  • PO8: Ethics
  • PO9: Individual and team work
  • PO10: Communication
  • PO11: Project management and finance
  • PO12: Life-long learning
  • Advantages

    The department of Electronics & Communications Engineering was started in the year 2004. The Department has well qualified and experienced faculty members. We have intake of 60 students. Our department is accredited to VTU and AICTE. It has state of art laboratories such as VLSI Lab with Cadence EDA Tool, Digital System Design Lab, Digital Signal Processing Lab, Advanced Communication Lab and Research Lab. Electronic communications engineers conceptualize, design, test and oversee the manufacturing of communications and broadcast systems. They mainly work to integrate electronics and communications into any system they develop. These professionals might work for commercial, industrial, military or scientific companies. Examples of potential job titles include design engineer, electronics engineer and electrical design engineer. An electronic engineering degree program concentrates on semiconductor devices, transistors, microprocessors and circuit design.

    Laboratories in Electronics & Communications Engineering department

    Dr Abdul Kareem s-Research Dean Patents

    The programs offered by the department are the most sought after ones by Common Entrance Test (conducted by Karnataka Examination Authority) top rank holders and other aspirants from across the country. All the three programs are outcome based, structured to meet the needs of Industry and Research. The program contents are upgraded with the involvement of industry and reputed research institutions. 

    Academics at UG level is sustained with a staff to student ratio of 1:15. The curriculum includes a strong self-study component, mini & major projects so as to develop the students’ independent analytical abilities. To support research across the specializations, an excellent infrastructure comprising of Software tools for Materials, devices and Circuits, Software Simulation Environment .

    Students won “Best Futuristic Technology Award”

    Students of Moodlakatte Institute of Technology, Mr. Amar C Balaganv and Mr. Vishnumoorthy Nayak, won the “Best Futuristic Technology Award” for their project titled ‘Automatic Segregation System for Efficient Solid  Waste Management” in the IFERP National Level student project competition held at SRM IST, Ramapuram. They competed with 1000 project entries all over India. This project is guided by Dr. Abdul Kareem, Principal M.I.T Kundapura and mentored by Prof. Varuna Kumara & Prof. Akshatha Naik

    Expert Talk on “IEEE Membership and Its Benefits”

    The Department of ECE in association with AI&ML and CSE organized an expert talk on “My three decades Journey with IEEE” on 11th February 2023. Dr. Niranjan U.C, Director of Research & Training, Manipal Dot Net Pvt.Ltd and past Chair IEEE-MSS was invited as the resource person. During the session, Resource Person emphasized the advantages of students being associated with reputed International associations like IEEE. He explained how the IEEE helps to build the personality of engineering students and orient them towards Research.

    Workshop on VLSI System Design

    A hands-on Workshop on *VLSI System Design* was organized by the department of  Electronics and Communication Engineering. Mr. Dilip Mogaveera, Director, KarMic Design Pvt. Ltd. and Mr.Rizwan Roshan, Program Manager, Cyient Semi-conductor, were the resource persons to conduct the workshop.

    Student Achievements

    Anil Kumar,Ramya AK,Pratap Shetty,Mohan Kumar,Priyanka,Vaishnavi participated in IICDC-2018 Contest organized jointly by Texas Instrument and MHRD Govt of India.   The students have entered into a quarter finals league and got prototypes ready for the next stage of contest. We are delighted to announce that our students are a part of 346 shortlisted team out of 10,146 teams from all the State of India.   Our students Joycelita Dias,Pooja, Usha S, and Shrinidhi Dixit won second prize in the IEEE project competition held at SCEM Mangalore.

    Projects Selected in KSCST 44th Series of Student Project Programm 2020-21

    Project Title : RFID,GPS and android based smart ticketing system for KSRTC and BMTC bus.




    Participation in IFERP National Level Student Project Competition

    Amar C Balaganv and Vishnumoorthy Nayak of final year ECE won “Futuristic Technology Award” for their project ‘Automatic Segregation System for Efficient Solid Waste Management Of Kundapura Municipality’ in IFERP National level student project competition held at SRM IST, Ramapuram. They competed with 1000 project entries all over India.

    Idea presentation guided by: Dr. Abdul Kareem and mentored by Mr. Varun and Mrs. Akshatha Naik, Assistant Professors of ECE Department.

    Participation at Skill-a-Thon Competition

    Competed in the Skill-a-thon competition and won 1st prize at the state level and 6th prize at the national level.

    Projects Selected in KSCST under Student Project Programm 2022-23

    Project Title : Automatic Solid Waste Seggregation System for Efficient Solid Waste Management in Kundapura Muncipal Corporation

    Student Name : Mr. Amar C Balaganv, Mr. Anil N.T, Mr. Chandan Kumar C.N, Mr. Vishnumoorthy Nayak

    Guide Names : Prof. Varuna Kumara, Prof. Akshatha Naik, Electronics and Communication Engineering branch

    Projects Selected in KSCST under Student Project Programm 2022-23

    Project Title : Transforming Health Monitoring System Using IOT 

    Student Name : Mr. Suman Khan R Bagewadi, Mr. Pratham Rajesh Raykar, Mr. Veerendra P Gaudar, Mr. Raghu B Nayakar

    Guide Names :  Prof. Varuna Kumara, Prof. Akshatha Naik, Electronics and Communication Engineering branch

    Projects Selected in KSCST under Student Project Programm 2022-23

    Project Title : Detection of NPK and Water Level Content in soil using sensor and plant leaf diseases using CNN with UI-PATH

    Student Name : Mr. Prajwal Surendra Naik, Ms Sushma G, Ms Navya M, Mr. Deepak

    Guide Names :  Prof. Raghunatha, Prof. Varuna Kumara, Electronics and Communication Engineering branch

    Message from the Director of Technology Incubator Centre at MIT Kundapura

    It is giving me immense pleasure to write about the Technology Business Incubator (TBI) at MITK. With the introduction of Startup India, Standup India and various government schemes, the entrepreneurial environment in the country has become more conducive and favourable to budding entrepreneurs. And to uplift this spirit, the TBI here at MIT Kundapura plays a great role.

    TBI is a vibrant place for entrepreneurs, innovators and next-generation thinkers, who are ready to take up challenging problems in society and transform their Ideas around it into viable solutions in terms of products and services, thereby creating jobs and livelihood for people along with following their passion for entrepreneurship.

    As a Technology Business Incubator, we have some of the best facilities in the Karavali region to host startups from various Industrial domains such as Tech, Fintech, Agritech, IT, Mechatronics, etc. and mentor and nurture them. we have high-end computing facilities, modern workspace, Library & information centre, 3D printers and other necessary equipment and facilities, training and conference facilities, etc. to name a few. TBI conducts various entrepreneurial sessions, seminars and conferences for startups. It also connects the right industrial mentors which best suited for the budding startups and call for various funding meetups & rounds and pitch deck presentations for getting financial support from government and private investors.

    TBI is open to anyone who envisaged transforming the world, by bringing about significant changes in the world through entrepreneurship. I heartily welcome all those who aspire to become next-generation entrepreneurs and want to shape their ideas into products in the country, to pay a visit to our incubation centre and join and become part of the TBI family.

    Mr. Bhuneshwar P

    Director, Technology Business Incubator

    Assistant Professor of Physics, BSH