MIT Kundapura

Founder & Chairman

Late I M Jayaram Shetty. Ex. MP

Born in the illustrious Moodlakatte Doddamane family of Sri. Bhujanga Shetty & Smt. Nagarathna Shetty, the erstwhile philanthropic landlords and agriculturists, I M Jayaram Shetty has carved a name among the social stalwarts who were instrumental in transforming the undivided South Canara district, which has mythological connection to the famous sage Lord Parashurama. Hence this land is described as the Land of Parashurama Srishti.

Journey of I M Jayaram Shetty.

The horizon of South Canara is studded with luminaries on the education, entrepreneurship, economy, and rural agriculture apart from literature, dance and music. Though being academically enriched with a degree in Engineering from the famous Manipal Institute of Technology,Manipal , Mr. I M Jayaram Shetty jumped on the entrepreneurial path to fulfill the dreams he had, inspired by the Pais of Manipal – Dr. T. M. A. Pai, the Manipal Brahma and Sri T. A. Pai, a political giant who was instrumental in transforming the society with his vision for the development of rural potential.

Taking a cue from these stalwarts and many such greats of South Canara, Mr. I M Jayaram Shetty returned to his roots to Moodlakatte and his family profession of agriculture. He started his venture “Agro Chem Industries” for the production of micro-nutrient chemical fertilizers. After conducting deep research and study in the field of agriculture, he set up a factory at Bangalore, this venture was of great help for the farmers in getting higher yield in crops than with the use of any other fertilizers. Appreciating his yeoman service to the agriculturists, and his fondness to serve the rural society, the people of Kundapur and Byndoor taluks looked up to him as a strong leader and this love of the people forced him to contest from Byndoor legislative assembly seat, which he won with a sound margin in 1994. Again in 1996, he contested for Loksabha elections. But unfortunately, he lost the elections by a slender margin of 200 votes. This did not deter him from contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Udupi Constituency, where he won from a comfortable margin. There was a strange but interesting fact that defies logic, in these contests. The reference from the newspaper is given in the Right Side.

Mr. I M Jayaram Shetty worked tirelessly as an MLA then as an MP towards the welfare of the people of his constituency. He was instrumental in providing basic health care and education facilities to the rural folk. Fishing harbor development, rural health centers, development of schools and institutions, upgrading information technology, roads and infrastructure, setting up re-cycling plants at the large industries, creating employment opportunities for the rural youth are some of the important and valuable contributions from him for the people of his constituency.

A born leader from his student days, his natural vision was to establish an Engineering college in his birth place. His vision found fruition in 2004 when Moodlakatte Institute of Technology was established in the sprawling 60 acres of land at Moodlakatte ,his birth place. After leading the Institution for several years his health started deteriorating. He passed away on 15 May 2014, at his residence in Bangalore after a prolonged illness. He left behind a legacy for his wife and children, which blossomed into an Institution of Eminence on the coastal Karnataka. Now the Institution is headed by his son, the young and dynamic Chairman Mr. Sidhartha J. Shetty.

The curious case of Jayaram Shetty as reported in The New Indian Express. Dated 29th March, 2009. In his successive election victories, entrepreneur I M Jayaram Shetty defeated his rivals by the same margin.

MANGALORE: Sometimes poll results defy explanation. In 1994, entrepreneur I M Jayaram Shetty contested for the first time from Byndoor (Udupi) on a BJP ticket in 1994 Assembly elections.
He defeated his opponent from the Congress by a margin of 11,249 votes. He polled 29,764 votes while his rival from Congress secured 18,515 votes. Jayaram Shetty next contested 1996 Lok Sabha elections from Udupi on a BJP ticket and defeated Oscar Fernandes from Congress. A close study of the poll results revealed that the victory margin of votes was repeated in Lok Sabha elections too. In Byndoor Assembly constituency, Oscar Fernandes had polled 19,815 votes and Jayaram Shetty had polled 31,064 votes retaining an exact margin of 11,249 votes.

Mr. Siddhartha J. Shetty

Siddhartha J Shetty is an ambitious, dynamic young man, highly influenced and motivated by his illustrious father Late I M Jayaram Shetty, the founder of the MNBS Trust who was an industrialist, committed politician, a mass leader and a philanthropist to the core.

In India only 6% of the students can make it to higher studies. When it comes to girls the number drops to 4%. These two staggering statistics tells you the real story of education in India. We at MITK are trying bridge this gap through public private partnerships. MITK provides holistic environment for the overall development of students. Well equipped labs and library, ever extending infrastructure, industry – academia partnerships, collaboration with government bodies, corporate social responsibility and last but not the least research and innovation are the prime features of MITK. Our recruiters have applauded the innovative teaching methodology and focus on research. Our placement records are setting new heights every year and with a strong alumni base we are assured of bringing positive changes in the society through quality education.

Journey of Mr. Siddhartha J. Shetty

Mr. Siddhartha J Shetty is an ambitious, dynamic young man, highly influenced and motivated by his illustrious father Late I M Jayaram Shetty, the founder of the MNBS Trust who was an industrialist, committed politician, a mass leader and a philanthropist to the core.

Though young, during the days of Mr. Jayaram Shetty’s tenure as a politician, Mr. Siddhartha J Shetty imbibed the virtues and values of his father and was drawn in to the education field as I M Jayaram Shetty established the Engineering Institute “Moodlakatte Institution of Technology” in the year 2004. Then, after his education in Engineering, he started to devote more time to the management of the Institution, learning the finer aspects of Management. When his father expired after a long illness, he decided to step into the shoes of his father and take up the mantle of the Trust as the Chairman. Though it was not a cake walk, as the problems mounted due to the untimely death of his father, Mr. Siddhartha J. Shetty displayed the skills he learnt from his father to overcome most of the obstacles to set the Institution on the right path to progress. Though this period was troubled by mushrooming growth of Engineering colleges, the resultant short term setbacks did not deter the young man from pursuing his father’s vision. He involves himself deeply in the management and administration of the Institute and leading it in a path of new development befitting the fast changing academic world in the current new reality which is demanding and uncompromising.

His love for the education at all levels is reflected in his new ideas of starting schools beginning with full-fledged modern play school which paves the way to establishment of primary schools to higher secondary schools (up to 12th class) in one big educational complex. An impressive master plan for the educational complex is already drawn, reflecting his vision and his father’s dreams. Another innovative thinking from him is to encourage youths to attain proper skill through skill development programs under the Govt of India through which they can access better-paying jobs and also experience a greater standard of living.

With Mr. Siddhartha J Shetty at the helm of affairs, IMJ Group is poised to become an Education hub on the coastal Karnataka and shine among the ranks of academic institutions of India.

Message from the Director of Technology Incubator Centre at MIT Kundapura

It is giving me immense pleasure to write about the Technology Business Incubator (TBI) at MITK. With the introduction of Startup India, Standup India and various government schemes, the entrepreneurial environment in the country has become more conducive and favourable to budding entrepreneurs. And to uplift this spirit, the TBI here at MIT Kundapura plays a great role.

TBI is a vibrant place for entrepreneurs, innovators and next-generation thinkers, who are ready to take up challenging problems in society and transform their Ideas around it into viable solutions in terms of products and services, thereby creating jobs and livelihood for people along with following their passion for entrepreneurship.

As a Technology Business Incubator, we have some of the best facilities in the Karavali region to host startups from various Industrial domains such as Tech, Fintech, Agritech, IT, Mechatronics, etc. and mentor and nurture them. we have high-end computing facilities, modern workspace, Library & information centre, 3D printers and other necessary equipment and facilities, training and conference facilities, etc. to name a few. TBI conducts various entrepreneurial sessions, seminars and conferences for startups. It also connects the right industrial mentors which best suited for the budding startups and call for various funding meetups & rounds and pitch deck presentations for getting financial support from government and private investors.

TBI is open to anyone who envisaged transforming the world, by bringing about significant changes in the world through entrepreneurship. I heartily welcome all those who aspire to become next-generation entrepreneurs and want to shape their ideas into products in the country, to pay a visit to our incubation centre and join and become part of the TBI family.

Mr. Bhuneshwar P

Director, Technology Business Incubator

Assistant Professor of Physics, BSH