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Basic Science & Humanities


Providing an interdisciplinary approach with strong essence and ethics of the Engineering branch, the Department of Basic Sciences is dedicated to foster the understanding of basic scientific principles to young learners. The Department offers several UG and research programs and is fully equipped to meet the demands of the dynamic world of technology. With well-versed faculty and resources, the Department of Basic Science has been conducive in conferring a model of development through numerous innovative programs, research initiatives, industry-institute partnerships to name a few. Furthermore, the Department aims to deliver the best for society by imparting quality education to stimulate the spirit of inquiry in the students, a passion to acquire skills, knowledge to enrich their lives to widen their intellectual and entrepreneurship qualities.


Engineering mathematics is a tool for engineering students in order to master the skill in their respective domains. Proper understanding of this subject improves the memory, analyzing capacities and discipline of the students. It is an indispensable tool for students who want to be a professional in the engineering field. Irrespective of his/her branch.


The department of physics at MITK, is highly focused on imparting quality education to meet global challenges in the field of science and technology. The department of physics plays a vital role in laying the strongest foundation so that the students are well equipped to stand up to higher education. The department consists of highly experienced, talented and dedicated faculty members from reputed colleges and universities. The faculty members in the department have published many research papers in various national/ international journals and in different conferences. The department has the credence of attaining high success rate in each semester consistently.


Chemistry is a bridge that connects the pure science with engineering practices. The more chemistry an engineer understands the more beneficial it is. The field of chemical engineering offers unique opportunity to make real differences by applying the principles of chemistry to solve problems that involves the use of chemicals, fuel, drugs and food products. They will have the opportunity to design the process and equipment for large scale manufacturing, planning, testing production methods and byproduct treatment.


In the present scenario for non-native English users, English is very important because it is widely spoken all around the world. Knowing English allows people to enjoy their life and work no matter where they are. Most of the scientific papers or journals in the world are written in English. For an engineer and an engineering student, English language fluency is important both in studies and career. To be successful in this field one needs to know and understand and to communicate effectively in English. In placement it is very necessary, students can excel in interviews if they have a command over the language. To understand the subject better, for reference material, to work abroad to co-ordinate various skills, to extract work in almost all fields it is very much necessary.

Physical Education

Our college sports department comprises of well settled with Athletic Track, Badminton court, Volley Ball court, Football ground, kho-kho court, throw ball court, Kabaddi Court, Table Tennis, chess, carom etc. Our college encourages outstanding sports activity for both boys & girls. The students of our college have participated and won many prizes at VTU Inter-collegiate tournament as well as local tournament. The greater support has been given to the intercollegiate matches such as badminton, throw ball, Volley ball, Kabaddi, football, Athletics.


We work hard to dominate our competitors consistently through innovative methods and constant efforts for the enrichment of the student’s community, and enhance research environment in the department.


National Training Day

JCI Kundapura City organized jointly with Moodlakatte Institute of Technology, Moodlakatte. The trainer Dr.Gurumurthy S.C. giuded the students of second semester B.E regarding the topic ” Guided By Purpose “.

Orientation And Induction Programme   (Information Session) 

Mr.Pawan Naik, SI of Kandlur police station, Kundapura, was florally welcomed by Dr. Prathibha Patel, Principal of IMJ Institute of Science and Commerce. He spoke about the rules and how to follow these rules and regulations in society while driving or in day-to-day life. He stressed on drug abuse and cyber-crimes. He insisted everyone to call 102 in case of any emergency.

Orientation And Induction Programme 2022-2023

Dr. Parvathi Aithal, retired Professor of English in Bhandarkars College, Kundapura. She guided the students, how to improve their personalities. She told the students: “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Placement Dean, Prof. Amrutha of MBA Department spoke about the opportunity for students in companies. Dr. Chandra Rao Madane, Principal of MITK presided over the function and advised the students to work hard in order to be successful.

National Science Day – 2023

Science Model Competition

Message from the Director of Technology Incubator Centre at MIT Kundapura

It is giving me immense pleasure to write about the Technology Business Incubator (TBI) at MITK. With the introduction of Startup India, Standup India and various government schemes, the entrepreneurial environment in the country has become more conducive and favourable to budding entrepreneurs. And to uplift this spirit, the TBI here at MIT Kundapura plays a great role.

TBI is a vibrant place for entrepreneurs, innovators and next-generation thinkers, who are ready to take up challenging problems in society and transform their Ideas around it into viable solutions in terms of products and services, thereby creating jobs and livelihood for people along with following their passion for entrepreneurship.

As a Technology Business Incubator, we have some of the best facilities in the Karavali region to host startups from various Industrial domains such as Tech, Fintech, Agritech, IT, Mechatronics, etc. and mentor and nurture them. we have high-end computing facilities, modern workspace, Library & information centre, 3D printers and other necessary equipment and facilities, training and conference facilities, etc. to name a few. TBI conducts various entrepreneurial sessions, seminars and conferences for startups. It also connects the right industrial mentors which best suited for the budding startups and call for various funding meetups & rounds and pitch deck presentations for getting financial support from government and private investors.

TBI is open to anyone who envisaged transforming the world, by bringing about significant changes in the world through entrepreneurship. I heartily welcome all those who aspire to become next-generation entrepreneurs and want to shape their ideas into products in the country, to pay a visit to our incubation centre and join and become part of the TBI family.

Mr. Bhuneshwar P

Director, Technology Business Incubator

Assistant Professor of Physics, BSH