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MNBS Trust – Moodlakatte Nagarathna Bhujanga Shetty Trust ®, Moodlakatte was formed in the year 1995 under the leadership of late I M Jayaram Shetty. Mr. Jayaram Shetty was a successful entrepreneur and a politician, who represented the Byndoor and Udupi constituencies once as an Member of Legislative Assembly and then as Member of Lok Sabha (MP). He was an astute philanthropist. Being in the corridors of power, he realized the plights of common people and felt that help from the governments alone was not enough to cure the ills faced by the society, but successful people in the society are needed to contribute to social causes and address the various challenges in the country. Hence, he founded the Trust in the year 1995 in the memory of his parents Mr. Bhujanga Shetty and Smt. Nagarathna Bhujanga Shetty and named it as MNBS Trust.

The key purpose of forming the trust was to promote education, social and cultural activities in rural areas of our country. The trust has contributed tremendously in the area of education since its inception.

The trust intends to work with the people across India, to begin with, one of which is to identify the issues prevailing within the social system and help them to create solutions to bring opportunities for the local populace to live a life of contentment. Education being the primary motivator for the young and brilliant minds of the rural areas, the Trust intends to create avenues and opportunities through establishing good schools starting from pre-school to 12th standard, colleges, technical institutions and post-graduate centres to become a complete education hub, to serve the needs of the region, state and the Nation. The trust also emphasizes ensuring skilled workforce is guided into the right field as per the demands of the market basically training the youth with respect to market relevant skills.

Social skills are widely solicited from the employable young generation, which coupled with soft skills create wide opportunity for the rural young men, whether for employment or entrepreneurial works and are considered as the key factors by the companies or organizations for providing job opportunities. Keeping these important objectives as primary motives, the Trust wishes to develop these aspects among the youth to prepare them to face the challenges the society gives them, to survive and sustain a value added life style for them as well as their families.

The trust intends to associate with the socio-economic activities of the surrounding villages to respond and evolve livelihood benefits for the needy through coordinating academic research and entrepreneurial activities involving the local youth.
The Trust works on the principles of collaboration, joining hands with the local groups to find workable solutions for sustainable development of the villages.
Philanthropy being the core value, the Trust intends to act as a bridge between governmental programs on health, sanitation, education and social development programs to reach the last mile in implementation activities.

The trust established Moodlakatte Institute of Technology in the year 2004 in a small village called Moodlakatte in Kundapura Taluk of Udupi District to promote technical education to the rural and needy students. Thousands of rural students have been benefited by this and the local people were given job opportunities in the institution.
In its endeavor to build excellent facilities for imparting basic quality education to the rural poor, the Trust has taken up a mega project of starting an Educational complex consisting of Pre-school to primary to Higher secondary schools with modern facilities, traditional learning systems inspired by our great cultural heritage, which would impact the future of young minds adding value to our existing education system. A degree college has started by the name “IMJ Institute of Science and Commerce”, affiliated to Mangalore University in memory of the founder I M Jayaram Shetty, where traditional degrees in are supported by professional trainings in CA, CS and ACA courses and many other futuristic courses such as BCA, as per the New Education Policy. The trust established Vidya Academy, a Pre-School along with the strong advisory group of Academicians, Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

The trust is continuously working on developing the standard of living of people across the region by promoting sanitation, agricultural activities and guiding in the proper utilization of natural resources.

MNBS Trust Objectives

Trust Information

Founder of the trust

Late I M Jayaram Shetty. Ex. MP

Working President

Mr. Siddartha J. Shetty

Managing Trustee

Smt. Vidya J. Shetty


Mr. Ram Rathan J. Shetty

Message from the Director of Technology Incubator Centre at MIT Kundapura

It is giving me immense pleasure to write about the Technology Business Incubator (TBI) at MITK. With the introduction of Startup India, Standup India and various government schemes, the entrepreneurial environment in the country has become more conducive and favourable to budding entrepreneurs. And to uplift this spirit, the TBI here at MIT Kundapura plays a great role.

TBI is a vibrant place for entrepreneurs, innovators and next-generation thinkers, who are ready to take up challenging problems in society and transform their Ideas around it into viable solutions in terms of products and services, thereby creating jobs and livelihood for people along with following their passion for entrepreneurship.

As a Technology Business Incubator, we have some of the best facilities in the Karavali region to host startups from various Industrial domains such as Tech, Fintech, Agritech, IT, Mechatronics, etc. and mentor and nurture them. we have high-end computing facilities, modern workspace, Library & information centre, 3D printers and other necessary equipment and facilities, training and conference facilities, etc. to name a few. TBI conducts various entrepreneurial sessions, seminars and conferences for startups. It also connects the right industrial mentors which best suited for the budding startups and call for various funding meetups & rounds and pitch deck presentations for getting financial support from government and private investors.

TBI is open to anyone who envisaged transforming the world, by bringing about significant changes in the world through entrepreneurship. I heartily welcome all those who aspire to become next-generation entrepreneurs and want to shape their ideas into products in the country, to pay a visit to our incubation centre and join and become part of the TBI family.

Mr. Bhuneshwar P

Director, Technology Business Incubator

Assistant Professor of Physics, BSH