Civil Final Year students Project work 1

Project entitled “IMPROVEMENTS OF INTERSECTION AT SHASHTRI CIRCLE, KUNDAPURA” was carried out by Pradeep JC, Praveen, Santhosh, Dhananjay under the guidance of Mr. Prashantha Hegde, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, MIT Kundapura. Intersection is one of the most important components of urban roads, and traffic flow. When the vehicle passes through the intersection due to the need for traffic flow route conversion, the driver can slow down, change lanes and its directions. This process must be completed at the intersection and its neighbouring area. Therefore, a number of traffic conflict points are formed at the intersection and its adjacent area, and the intersection between traffic flows in different directions, Traffic conflicts such as merger and direction change occur. Good design of intersections ensures safe and efficient operation of the entire road network. Based on the analysis of the serious causes of urban traffic problems, the importance of intersections in improving road traffic capacity, traffic jams and accidents is analysed. Traffic rotary at road intersection is special form of change of lanes to channelize movement of vehicles in one direction around a central traffic island. The vehicles entering the rotary are gently forced to move in a clockwise direction.

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