Vision & Mission


To become one of the leading Innovation and development Cells in the region by providing quality support and platform to translate knowledge and innovation into successful outcomes.To motivate students and impart exceptional professional education, by instilling ethical values that help them to cope with the changing technological scenario. MITK imparts technical as well as management education, technical education through undergraduate BE program and management education through postgraduate program MBA.


Provide the infrastructure that can enable students and faculty to innovate and prototype their innovation with support from the industry and academic institution.To develop Moodlakatte Institute of Technology as a hub of expertise in technical education by imparting quality education to generate competent engineers with a high degree of credibility, integrity and ethical standards with a view to contribute to the economic prosperity of our nation.

MITK Tagline Definition

'सत्यं वद। घर्मं चर। (Sanskrit Language)
Satyam Vada = Speak the truth.
Dharmam Chara = Walk the path of righteousness.

These two statements from Taitireeya Upanishad summarize the entire teachings of all the scriptures in all religions. These are the parting advice given during the Vedic times by the enlightened masters in their Gurukulas to their beloved disciples.

True education inspires us to lead a virtuous life, to serve, to love and to sacrifice. With such education the individual is transformed, the family is strengthened, and the nation is resurrected. This alone can lead to peace and harmony in the world.

Hence educational institutions have a major role to play in moulding the character of the individual and thus creating a better world.


  • • Trust

  • • Integrity

  • • Innovation

  • • Commitment

  • • Holistic Approach

  • • Honesty

  • • Excellence


MITK aims at upgrading and monitoring quality management to rectify preliminary corrective measures due to any non-conformity. The quality policy is communicated to all the stakeholders of the Institute and is reviewed at regular intervals for continuing sustainability.

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