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Mechanical Engineering at MIT - Kundapura has a long and compelling history. The foundations of the department were laid by outstanding scientists and professors. A reputation was gained early on for independent teaching and original research in a number of distinct areas. The response to these initiatives in research and education was remarkable. Many Engineers from industry raised mechanical engineering to a technological science. They showed an extraordinary talent for solving engineering problems by applying theoretical insights alongside his extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering.


The Department’s vision is to become the best mechanical engineering department in the country in our areas of emphasis. These areas of emphasis are selected topics within,

  • Energy and Transportation Research
  • Biomechanical Engineering and Human Health
  • Environmental Engineering, as well as
  • Graduate Education, and
  • Undergraduate Education


The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers

  • Undergraduate and graduate education of the highest quality in mechanical engineering.
  • Conduct significant basic and applied research in selected areas
  • Provide professional service to various industries around Kundapura and Udupi District


The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the MIT Kundapura places high value on

  • Research at the highest level of quality and integrity.
  • Holistic education of undergraduate and graduate students at the highest level.
  • Support of industry in Udupi District and the nation.
  • Service to our profession and the University.
  • Engagement in public affairs.
  • Atmosphere of respect and collegiality among faculty, students and staff.
  • International awareness and leadership.

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