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Keeping abreast of advances in Engineering Education, MIT Kundapur has introduced 4year B.E course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning from the new academic semester. In order to enable young, aspiring youth to pursue the advanced techniques in Engineering, MITK has established an advanced lab and well trained faculty to train the students from the fundamentals of artificial intelligence principles to cutting edge intelligent systems, software, algorithms. This enables young minds to pursue this highly sought after engineering course that that trains them to be future ready. MITK begins the new courses in the new academic year 2022 – 2023 with an intake capacity of 60 students.


To become an Institute of technological excellence to train future engineers to adopt artificial intelligence principles to solve real world issues & critically analyze and develop solutions through hands on learning with state of the art computer technology tools.


  • To develop the ability of the students to apply Artificial Intelligence to analyze complex engineering problems through mastering fundamental Engineering knowledge of computing, mathematics and science for problem solving.
  • To train students to think critically to identify, formulate, and solve complex computer science & engineering problems by developing models, evaluating validity and accuracy of solutions in the field of computer science and engineering.
  • To develop the ability to use modern cutting edge computer tools and techniques and skills for best use of engineering practices for designing socially relevant solutions using Artificial Intelligence.
  • To become a professional & ethically responsible engineers who can contribute use of artificial intelligence for societal and national needs.

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