Our Management

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Trust Information

Founder Chairman Late Shri I.M. Jayaram Shetty, Ex. MP.


  • Mr. Siddartha J. Shetty, Chairman
  • Smt. Vidya J. Shetty, Managing Trustee
  • Mr. Ram Rathan J. Shetty, Trustee

Smt. Vidya J. Shetty, Managing Trustee

It is indeed my privilege to welcome all the students to Moodlakatte Institute of Technology, Kundapura. As we just celebrated our decennial year and moving towards 12th year of inception our commitment to quality education, outstanding research, innovation and zest for knowledge continues without any hurdles. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, well equipped laboratories, a library with collection of rare books, large playground, dynamic Faculty members, strong industry linkages, and an impressive placement record are just a few parameters to prove the commitment of entire MITK family members. I strongly believe that the staff and the students of our Institution as my extended family. In this era of globalization, we face new challenges and opportunities. Now is the time where we train all our beloved students for nation building, indeed the real purpose of education!

Mr. Ram Rathan J. Shetty, Trustee

Moodlakatte Institute of Technology was established with the aim of providing quality education in a peaceful atmosphere equipped with state of the art facilities. Utmost care is taken to ensure that students fulfill their professional objectives. Our skilled, dedicated and experienced faculties provide the students with guidance and intellectual stimulation to enhance the process of learning. Student counseling is comprehensively carried out by staff members to help students performance better in academics and develop their career objectives. We wish our students a very prosperous and bright future.

Mr. Siddartha J. Shetty, Chairman

In India only 6% of the students can make it to higher studies. When it comes to girls the number drops to 4%. These two staggering statistics tells you the real story of education in India. We at MITK are trying bridge this gap through public private partnerships. MITK provides holistic environment for the overall development of students. Well equipped labs and library, ever extending infrastructure, industry – academia partnerships, collaboration with government bodies, corporate social responsibility and last but not the least research and innovation are the prime features of MITK. Our recruiters have applauded the innovative teaching methodology and focus on research. Our placement records are setting new heights every year and with a strong alumni base we are assured of bringing positive changes in the society through quality education.