Electronics & Communications Engineering


This is a very specialized branch which imparts knowledge and training in Digital Signal Processing, Integrated Circuit in a large scale, advanced cam topics, data processing and operating process and system. The students can choose an appropriate combination of subjects depending on their interest. Core studies in this branch include Electronic fundamentals, electric and electronic circuit design, digital fundamentals, Micro processors, Microwaves and Radar, and Communication and networking, cryptography and information coding.


The department of Electronics & Communications Engineering was started in the year 2004. The Department has well qualified and experienced faculty members. We have intake of 60 students. Our department is accredited to VTU and AICTE. It has state of art laboratories such as VLSI Lab with Cadence EDA Tool, Digital System Design Lab, Digital Signal Processing Lab, Advanced Communication Lab and Research Lab. Electronic communications engineers conceptualize, design, test and oversee the manufacturing of communications and broadcast systems. They mainly work to integrate electronics and communications into any system they develop. These professionals might work for commercial, industrial, military or scientific companies. Examples of potential job titles include design engineer, electronics engineer and electrical design engineer. An electronic engineering degree program concentrates on semiconductor devices, transistors, microprocessors and circuit design.


Laboratories in Electronics & Communications Engineering department:

  • Digital electronics.
  • Power electronics.
  • Analog communication +LIC.
  • HDL.
  • DSP.
  • Analog electronics.
  • Power electronics.
  • Microprocessor.
  • Advanced communication.
  • VLSI.
  • ARM Microcontroller.


Sl.No. Name Qualifications Designation Profile
1 Naveen B M B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor & HOD View
2 Raghunatha B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View
3 Balanageshwara S B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View
4 Raghu S B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View
5 Sookshma Adiga B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View
6 Varuna Kumara B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View
7 Manoj Kumar K B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View
8 M Vishwanath Shervegar B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View
9 Priya M B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View


Department inauguration:
Eminence 2017, student association of E&C dept. has been inaugurated on 25th Sep. 2017. The program began with our college anthem by Sahana and Vaishnavi, 5thsem EC. Our beloved Principal Dr.Kataiah.G.S felicitated the function. Dr. Abdul Kareem, Director R&D was the chief guest. Mr. Naveen B M HOD E&C dept and Mr. Raghu S Eminece Co-ordinator present at the function. Final year students Ms.Chandana and Ms.Romita, Masters of the ceremony.Ms.Shivaniwelcome the gathering Ms.Deevita presented the vote of thanks. Mr.Kiran President of EMINENCE 2017 addressed the gathering by presenting Eminence report. Ms.Bhuvaneshvari, vicepresident welcomed the juniors and presented the upcoming event report. Dignitaries of the function planted a sapling in the vicinity of the college garden to commerated the event. The function was followed by technical talk on”softcompution in communication” by Dr. Abdul Kareem. He explained the importance of soft computing and its implication to communication. The talk was informative and thought provoking. Luch was arranged by the department for all college faculties. After the lunch there was freshers day celebration.

Online Faculty Development Program:
Two online Faculty Development Program(FDP) was conducted by the E&C department under Eminence forum on 13th & 14th September 2017. On first day the workshop focused on Simulation & PCB designing using TARGET 3001 CAD/CAE software. In the first session Presenter has demonstrated how to design a circuit and PCB layout. They explained about the benefits of using this software & its application to modern engineers. In the second session faculties were asked to design different circuits using TARGET 3001 CAD/CAE software as per their instruction. On the second day, there was an online workshop on Network Simulation that focused on MANET,WSN & IOT. The presenter demonstrated how to build & simulate network using Qualnet. Qualnet is a system level simulation for computer networking education & research. Both were organized by DELSOFT Technologies Pvt. Limited. DELLSOFT Technology is a research based company engaged in promoting path breaking software solutions primarily for educationl sector, there by helping the colleges to enhance their infrastructure & provide best possible software solutions to students. This FDP was co-ordinated by Mr.Raghu S, assistant professor E&C dept. Faculties and students took good benefits of this workshop.

Upcoming events
Two days workshop on LabVIEW in the first week of November.